Artists strive to become gigantic and mighty, big enough to bring on an agent or manager to handle the business side of their career. I think there is a misconception once an artist has a booking agent, a manager, or a record label in place, they believe that there is actually less work for them since all the busy work and business is being managed by a professional. That is never the case. The stakes are much higher than ever before.
It is important that every artist must participate and stay involved in their careers daily, regardless of how many people or business entities are actually assisting them. Keeping in constant contact with the agents and managers will only lead to progression. Listen and look to them for guidance, and actually follow through with it. This is what we are here for. We want to see success, as it brings success to everyone involved.

Here are some good points to keep in mind:
Hard work – If it was fun and mindless, it would not be called work and there would be no need to pay people.
Honesty and integrity – If you are in your career for the long haul, you want people to be able to trust you. Have integrity and own up to mistakes. Be truthful when you don’t know something.
Meet commitments – Do not make a commitment if you cannot follow through and keep it. (This happened all the time unfortunately and is disappointing)
Be self-aware – Get recognized and stand out by focusing on and excelling in your strengths. Work on weaknesses on the side, but make your strengths your main focus.
Exceed expectations – Advocate for yourself by doing rather than saying.
Communication – I believe most issues are due to a lack of communication. What we say is not necessarily what someone else hears. So say it again, write it down, confirm expectations, do whatever you need to do to make sure that you’re on the same page with the other person.
Feedback – Ask for it from your agent, manager, peers, and give it in return.

Push yourself and participate.

Madison Quartiano

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