Many artists are curious on how they can break out of their market and start traveling more. One of the biggest issues I see is the way certain artists structure their deals. I’ve decided for my “Behind the Agents Desk” post today to briefly discuss the pros and cons of each type of deal you might face while touring:

1. Trades – Trades follow the common philosophy as I scratch your back you scratch mine and can help get an artist into another market. Trades work best with DJs that can give them their slot and vice versa.

PRO – Can get a young DJ into a new market.
CON – Fee’s are usually local rates and no expenses included.

2. All In – All in deals are short for “All Inclusive” and are usually a good way to get started for younger talent. All in deals do not include any expenses so all of that will be paid for by the artist.

PRO – Usually negotiated at a much higher fee to include some of the expenses.
CON – Artist bears cost of flights, hotels, ground, meals and any other expenses incurred while on the road. Some artists stay with friends to make it cheaper, which removes privacy.

3. Fee + Hotel – Landed – “Landed” usually refers to the artist flying himself to the respective city and the purchaser covering the cost of the performance, a hotel room and ground service for the artist.

PRO – Artist does not have to cover all of the expenses. Driving if the destination is close enough can save on flight costs.
CON – Fee is lower and artist still has to cover cost of the flight. Flight can be expensive so always check flights before accepting the show.

4. Fee + Flight/Hotel/Ground/Meals – The king of all deals. This covers the artist in every which way. Artists must be in demand and commanding high fee’s for these types of deals to be offered.

PRO – Artist pays for nothing.
CON – There really is no CON about this type of deal other than your travel time!

Hopefully that gives some newer artists some insight to a few of the different deal structures we encounter!

Freddie Harb

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