The booking business is a people based business, it’s all about representing the best interest of your talent, prospecting, establishing relationships with new clients, and maintaining lasting relationships. Whether you are an artist trying to get your brand to take off, or an aspiring individual hoping to work in the business of music, some basic modern tools will be crucial to your success. With so much going on in so many different phases of a sale, organizing your workflow can often be the hardest part. Thankfully, the modern digital world can really streamline this process and make managing your day to day much easier. The following will go into the three most commonly used tools in the booking business, keep in mind though that these tools can translate to many other businesses as well as your personal life.


Email is a huge part of the modern landscape and can be the biggest cause of stress for most people. It is important to think of your email as a filing cabinet, and staying organized is the key. The great news is there are multiple programs out there that can handle your organizational needs and it mostly comes down to your preference.

Folders – Keeping your inbox organized by creating folders is often very helpful to your workflow. Separating Client Leads, Current Deals, Administrative etc. is most likely the best way to start. Programs such as Mac Mail offer “smart rules” that can automatically route incoming emails into specified folders.

Flags – Flagging or starring your important emails can help to keep your eyes on pressing matters so that client questions or issues to not go on unresolved.

CC’s – When working in a team environment, the CC is your best friend. Looping in the appropriate team member ensures that the team has their eyes on the prize, and it also lets your client know that they are dealing with professionals.


There are many great choices out there for keeping notes, but it is all for naught if you can not keep your notes organized. With the advent of tablets, cell phones, and advanced computers many programs and applications have come around to stay on top of your work affairs and to-do’s. On the other hand, some people swear by the tried and true tactics of pen and paper.

Digital – Software such as Evernote, One Note or Mac Notes and various To-Do List applications can be a great tool to keep your notes synchronized between your mobile device and computer. Being able to start a note at work and access it on your phone when you are not at the office can be crucial to getting business done. You can also add photos and links to help jog your memory or read further into something. Another great feature of these programs is that you can often use tags and folders to organize your notes.

Pen and Paper – Notebooks and pens seem to be going the way of the dodo, yet never underestimate the power of old fashion work, as some studies have shown the physical activity of writing can actually improve the brains ability to retain the information. The downside is that it can be particularly hard to organize your notepad and you may lose crucial information easily. Try using a notepad first thing in the morning to quickly outline your days activities.


Every large salesforce uses some sort of CRM software. In essence, a good CRM helps you document all communication between your company and your clients and/or client leads. This is crucial in a business environment where handling multiple contacts throughout your workflow is necessary. There are many companies offering their versions of CRM, and ultimately it comes down to personal preference and which is best suited to your field.

The one factor that makes a CRM most effective is attention to detail. The more information that you can capture about a client the better. Contact info, links, pictures, and conversation threads are all crucial to staying on top and effectively exuding confidence to the people that you conduct business with day to day.

In summary, these tools are most effective when combined together. If you are a musician, they will help keep you organized so that you can focus on your art while making sure that you can build your brand and bring in the dollars. If you are on the business side of things, these tools become essential to your day to day and using them effectively can greatly determine your level of success.

Garyt Trantow
Junior Agent

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