While working as a full-time booking agent at Sleeping Giant for the past five years, people always ask me about my day to day, so I thought I’d give you a little insight on what I do. Our industry is always on the go and sometimes it is not black and white, so you gotta do your best to roll with the punches!

Bookings, Booking, Bookings
To sum up in the simplest way, my main objective is to obtain as many offers as possible and present those offers to our clients (DJs & Managers). Depending on the act and agreement we have in place, we specifically work on tour dates in the specific territory we are responsible for and try to book as many shows as we can ranging from club shows to festivals.

Client Relations
In this business, it’s not what you know, its who you know. Maintaining those working relationships are key to success and getting things done. I was quick to learn that people want to work with like-minded individuals and people they can relate to in and out of the work environment.

Logistics & Advancing
From buying flights, hotels and coordinating ground service. I work directly with our artists and their teams to ensure all travel is up to par. With artist heavily touring, logistics are very crucial to ensure touring is stress free. Alongside the logistics, I coordinate with every promoter and buyer to ensure I have all the proper info relayed to artist and team to ensure a smooth show!

Working in the bookings department, we have meetings weekly discussing arranging of topics from artist initiative & concepts, the current status of bookings and shows in the pipeline & discussing new markets and rooms to target. Working in a team environment, communication is essential to success!

I’m always on the prowl on bringing on new acts to the roster. From digging throughout social media platforms, Soundcloud and Spotify I’m looking to at quality music and brands to add value to our team.

Hope this gives you a better insight on what I do on a regular basis, now back on the grind I go!

Will Duka

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