Sometimes playing politics can go a long way in this business. If you fail to realize the politics that can potentially play a role it can detrimentally damage relationships. Here are a few tips for playing politics:

1. If a situation arises, think about all of the angles involved. How many players does this affect? If I do this, what could happen? What can I do to appease all parties involved?

2. Properly execute and take extra precautions to ensure you’re playing the long game with your politics. Saying the wrong thing too late can lead to a bad result. Timing is everything.

3. Not all business is good business, determine whether you want to attain a quick win or will playing politics take it over the long haul.

Playing politics is a tricky business but separates the few from the many. Learn how to up your politic game to ensure you do not find yourself in a tricky situation.

Freddie Harb

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